“The experience Life can be beautiful and unforgettable if you know when to accelerate and to brake.” R.S.K. 02.12.2014

I believe most of the time I was stepping on the brake…

For a handful of years I was heading in the wrong direction. I felt disappointed, exhausted and unmotivated. I did not reach my goals and I had the feeling that I am going rounds in circles; day after day. That was not a nice experience. There was a time I have been pretty depressive as well. Right there it became worse and I felt into a sort of limbo. By and large, that was an experience I do not want to have again but on the other side I am glad I made this experience. It was one piece of the whole cake. It just belongs to the life. Some people experience it and some others don’t.

I am glad that I had to climb out of the whole due to various reasons. It made me stronger than ever before, I am really proud of myself, I have seen what I am capable of, I realized that I never give up, I understood that there is much more in life than one can imagine. To live life is beautiful but to live the right life is even more beautiful.

Maybe at the moment you are in such a phase and you have the feeling that you can’t get out of the hole. Let me tell you – you can and by searching for a solution as you are doing right now – you are on the right track. You already made some very important steps to get you going to change your life. First of all you realized that something is going on in your life that you don’t agree with. You don’t want to hope anymore that something great is going to happen to you. NO! You understood that you need to hold the reins tightly so you don’t drift away anymore. (it’s just enough)

The other important step you already made is that you pulled yourself together to start searching for a solution. You actually took action. Taking action is one of the keys to make your dreams come true. That you took this action shows you that you have the will to change. It definitely shows you that you are willing to go the extra mile to reach your goals. This fact is enormous. You are walking the right path.

It is great that you have this energy and that you are willing to succeed; but sometimes while you are walking your path you arrive to an intersection and you don’t know which way to go. Let’s imagine you are standing there and there are two ways. One goes to the right and the other one goes to the left. The one on the right side looks nice. It’s a nice alley. There are huge green trees and birds are singing. You look to the right and you are attracted and fascinated. However, releasing and doubtful thoughts appear in your mind. Saying things like…how is it possible that such an alley exists, it is way too extraordinary to be true…I should not go that way.. and of course there are thoughts that say…I don’t care what is at the end of the alley I just walk that way and see what happens. I hope at the end of this alley everything will be fine and I am…

Now look to the left. There you see the complete opposite of the beautiful alley. Everything is dark and it is raining. Crows are everywhere and pitfalls are waiting for you. You are scared and you feel uncomfortable by just thinking to go that unfamiliar way.

So which direction are you going to take? Most of us would go to the right because it is attractive and familiar. We have been walking similar ways in our life. We remember the amazing feeling to be surrounded by singing birds, green trees and fresh air. That is what we want. Right! Just walking a way where we do not have to worry at all and where we do not have to make any effort to reach our destination one day.

Well, let me tell you my experience. I walked to the right a couple of times and it always brought be back to the SAME intersection. At the beginning I thought that can not be true; it must be another intersection and so I walked the beautiful alley again and again. Until I opened my eyes and asked myself  >”what am I doing ?”<

It became obvious that going to the right, taking a path where no hills and no mountains are waiting to be climbed, where are no pitfalls, where no further decisions have to be made and where no strength has to be used to get forward to reach an unknown destination – is absolutely the WRONG way to go.

After I span these rounds a couple of times I convinced myself to go left. Although, I was afraid and I knew it is going to be tuff I started to walk. Life is not easy that is for sure but escaping and procrastinating is not the solution.

If You want to start to achieve your goals and finally stop walking in the wrong direction then let me support you on your way. Let me guide you and give you some advices.

In my following posts I am giving you some guidelines to follow and exercises to do. To become successful is a step by step process and it is not all about the money. At the beginning you need to master your mind, body, consciousness and sub-consciousness; while you are in this process you can tackle your finances and increase them as well.

To change your life, be successful, reach your personal goals, realize your dreams is all possible if your are ready for it and when you really convinced yourself. By convincing yourself – I mean everything that has to do with you – even your tiny cells.

If you are eager to continue reading do not stop here. Go to another page / post or even sign up for my video tutorial.

- Reggy

2 thoughts on “I want to change my life

  1. Wow what a great motivation I am hearing you know sometimes I ask myself why I always concerned on the internet something is new and good to hear about. Something that gives me power what I want where I am going how do see myself on the mirror wow Sir that was I do not what to say something change topics not about debt, relationship family matters Spirit that keep your to achieve your goal to tell you the truth let me go to sleep I love dreaming I am not a owl I which I was enjoy the rest of the month chat you soon

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